Standard presentation ICO

Presentation is a quick way to help investors to understand the uniqueness and usefulness of your project.

The standard will help you to prepare an ICO presentation and increase chances of getting funding.

Authors of the standard are investors, marketers, lawyers and founders of blockchain projects.

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Why do I need a presentation?

Good goal
Fair presentation team
Зачем нужна презентация?

Presentation is the fastest way to help investors understand the specifics of your project and multiply your chances of getting financing.

The purpose of the presentation is to help the investor to make a decision about investing.

Bad goal

Good goal

To tell in detail about your project and the idea To convince a rational person to exchange their capital for your token
Answer to the key questions about the project To increase the conversion of visitors to investors
Record a video presentation of the project To prove that the team will cope with the task

No one presentation can be informative. The presentation should convince the investor that your project has a significant potential for growth in the price of tokens and a minimal risk of failure.

Who are we?

We are a group of block-experts: investors, CEO, lawyers, marketers, analysts involved in the development of block projects.

Our group is open - we invite all professionals to take part in the discussion and editing.

Sergey Sichkar Sergey Sichkar Founder sergey-sichkar

Niсk Evdokimov Niсk Evdokimov Co-founder nick-evdokimov

The cover

Project name
The slogan
Visual image
The cover

The first slide is the cover. The most important in the beginning: the name of the project, its features, who did support it or how much money it already raised.

The cover consists of three parts:

  1. Project name
    Graphic or written logo
  2. Visual image
    A picture, an image, a screenshot of everything that will help convey the key idea of your project and draw attention to yourself.
  3. The slogan
    The slogan is the answer to the question: "What are you doing?". A good slogan is composed by the formula problem + solution = money



EOS – the killer Ethereum EOS - the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications
SpaceX - we are a hybrid of NASA and Toyota. SpaceX reduces the cost of launching into space by more than 90%
Icopitch - twitch, only for community and project communities Icopitch - the best way to monetize the attention for project blockbuster and bloggers
A good cover attracts attention and makes it clear that the product is interesting

ICO Executive Summary

The amount of
Date of opening and closing ICO
The price of the token and output
Bonuses for purchase
ICO Executive Summary

ICO Summary is a brief description of the offer to sell the token.

Specify the following parameters:

  • campaign purpose,
  • number of tokens, release platform,
  • token properties for owners,
  • base price, payment forms,
  • token distribution model,
  • start and end dates for pre-ICO and ICO.


Target audience
Brief description of the problem

A clear problem - creates an additional motivation for investors to study the project in more detail.

The mission of the project is to help target customers solve the acute problem more simply, quickly, effectively.

Answer simple terms that anyone understands by two questions: Who is your target audience? What acute problems do they have?



The process of digitizing our lives is already irreversible 3.9 billion people still don’t use the Internet
65% of players make purchases in games High commission for buying and selling things in games
Monthly in the world is conducted more than 100 ICO Investors don’t have time to study in detail the ICO projects


Graphic or screenshot
A brief explanation

Your task is to prove why these problems exist.

Without proof, the investor doesn’t understand the criticality of the problem for the target audience.

What can serve as evidence:

  • market research data;
  • real reviews and customer surveys;
  • the presence of competitors who are trying to solve the problem;
  • opinion of key industry experts;
  • growth in the number of users of the prototype.

It is better not to use untested sources and a small sample for analysis:



In our opinion ... According to the research [screenshot] ...
We polled 20 users and came to the conclusion ... As a result of a survey of 500 users ...
[painted infographics] [screenshot of statistics of attendance]


You style
Brief description of solutions

Describe how you are going to solve customer problems and answer the questions: What do you develop: a platform, an application, a device? What is the use of the target customers?

General rule:

Show that the product solves the stated problems of the target customers


Work product in three stages
Brief description

Show how your solution works in 3-5 steps. Demonstration of the product is the best proof: MPV photo, interface screenshot, patents.



The user enters the site, leaves a request and contacts the hotel, receives a notification and goes through the registration. Find a city → choose a hotel → sign up

Blockchain in the project

Brief description of solutions
What solves the problem of blockchain
Blockchain in the project

It’s important for investors that blockchain technology help to solve problems and problems of clients.

It’s necessary to answer the question: What tasks does blockchain solve?



Blockchain will help make the platform decentralized to broadcast video. Blockchain is the platform's core technology and will help automate payment for content, protect content from piracy and exclude content blocking..


What tasks does the token
Diagram of the token
Value proposition

Describe what tasks the token decides and schematically depict how it interacts with Token Holdings.

Indicate the sources of demand formation and the scheme of remuneration for holders of tokens and users.



The company's revenue is evenly distributed to the holders of the token The token is the internal currency of the system. The holder of the token isn’t paid dividends, the company's income is distributed, the share in the company is not transferred
Issue only Utility Token, if you plan to work in the US market


Available market size
The world market
Achievable market size
in three years

The market is the amount of revenue from all customers who are willing to pay for the use of your product.

It is important for the investor to understand the volume and growth rates of the target market for assessing the deficit and demand for a token.

  1. Top-down
    The capacity of the target market is calculated from the general industry indicators in three stages:
    • Total Addressable Market (TAM) - all customers who can use your product.
    • Serviceable Available Market (SAM) - the share of the market volume from TAM, which are ready to buy your product.
    • Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)- the share of the market volume from TAM, which you plan to capture in the next 3 years.
  2. Bottom-up
    The volume of the target market is calculated as, multiplying the product price by the total number of potential buyers. If there are several sources of income in the project, then they need to be summed up.
The bigger is market, the better is demand for a token and its deficit


The logo of the project
Evaluation criteria

Investors want to minimize the market and product risks of the project, so you need to answer at least two questions:

  1. Who are your competitors?
  2. Why is your product better?
If there are no competitors, then there is no market or the capacity of the market is very small

The project has direct and indirect competitors.

For example: Waves Platform directly competes with Ethereum and BitShares and other blockbuster platforms for releasing tokens, and indirectly with venture funds, business angels, crow-platforming platforms.


Role in the team

It’s important for investors to know that the project team has experience and competence in similar projects, technologies or markets.

Tell us about the founders of the project, key employees, consultants.



{icon} and {position} / Leo Erdel Co-founder {photo} and {position} and {experience description}
Many years of experience in the IT industry Total work experience in IT 9 years, project manager in {company name}
The trader. The creator of successful start-ups. Education: Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Economics MBA Founder {company name} with annual revenue in {xxx xxx}

Growth strategy

Key areas
Key stages
Growth strategy

Distribution – is the implementation of an action plan aimed at increasing the demand for a token.

Indicate how you plan to organize the process of attracting and retaining Token Holdings.



Budget for contextual advertising $ 1,000 The cost of attracting a client (CAC) through contextual advertising $ 50
We forecast monthly growth of the client base at the level of 3% For all the time of using our service, the forecast revenue per customer will be $ 1,500 (LTV)
Main sales channel - conferences and active PR campaign The monthly budget for participation in 6 conferences is $ 2000, for the publication of 10 articles - $ 10,000

Road map

The stages of work
Key objectives
for each phase
Road map

A roadmap is an action plan that describes the key stages of the project's development for the near future, a maximum of 3 years.

In each stage it is necessary to answer the question "Why do you need this stage?"



Q2 2019 Release mobile applications Q2 2019 Release mobile applications to increase user loyalty
Q1 2018 Running the reward system Q2 2018 Running a reward system to attract new users to the community
Q3 2018 Develop a fully decentralized broadcast platform Q3 2018 Development of a fully decentralized platform for broadcasting, signal encryption and protection from piracy
Don’t plan beyond 3 years


Hard cap
Tokens distribution
Articles of expenditure

Indicate how much you are planning to attract investments for the ICO, the holding period and how the tokens will be distributed.

If you do not have a working prototype of the product, in order to avoid problems from the SEC, all funds received during the ICO must be placed on the Escrow account.



Date of the ICO% 01-15 September. Hard cap - no Date of ICO: 01-15 September. Hard cap 5M $
Funds will be kept on purses All funds will be located on a secure Escrow account before launching the product.
40% of tokens - team reward 12% of tokens - to the team, 10% of tokens - reserved fund
All funds from the ICO must be located Escrow account


Your photo and contacts
If you are [action], then [benefit]

You need to convince the investor to make the target action and transfer it to the next stage of making decisions about investing in the project.

Answer two questions: What should an investor do? Why would he do this?



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